107. Empirical guild analysis of forest litter linyphiids. Publication n° 107.

Titre : Empirical guild analysis of forest litter linyphiids.
Auteurs : Jacques Leclerc & Patrick BlandinDate : 1990

Revue : Acta Zool. Fennica, 190.

Pagination : 235 à 238

Résumé : Recent work suggest that guild structure could be adequately represented as an inverse linear relationship between the habitat specialization of each species of the guild and the variability in its habitat choice. The microhabitat preferences of the main species of forest litter lyniphiids found at one 4-ha deciduous forest site show such a linear relationship. Thus, immature linyphiids (a composite group) and Lepthyphantes sp. (mainly Lepthyphantes flavipes) seemed to be generalists, Microneta viaria a specialist and Centromerus serratus, C. aequalis and C. dilutus to be in intermediate positions.

Mots clefs : Litter; linyphiids; Analysis; microhabitat; Lepthyphantes sp.; Centromerus serratus; aequalis; dilutus; Microneta viaria;